Corner Gas: The Movie | Crowdsourcing

Davin was hired by the producers of Corner Gas: The Movie to manage a crowdsourcing and promotional campaign on Kickstarter, coinciding with the announcement of the movie’s production. Working closely with the producers, Davin developed the campaign messaging, perks and strategy, and produced the campaign design and video content, including over 60 campaign-specific videos. In the end, the Kickstarter campaign for Corner Gas: The Movie reached its goal in 27 hours, and closed with over $285,000 in funding from over 2,500 Backers. Davin was retained by the production to join the crew on set in Saskatchewan for six weeks, producing and filming the behind-the-scenes documentary and a video-rich Backer video series of daily video and text blogs from set. This allowed campaign supporters a truly unique all-access pass to the making of this major feature film and all of the stories and personalities behind it.

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